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About Tim Teatro

Tim Teatro is a physicist, open-source enthusiast, writer and webmaster from Oshawa, Ontario. He was born with a keyboard in his hand, and today works on multi-million dollar supercomputers across Canada, discovering the secrets of the universe by simulating reality on a massive computational scale. He has long had a strong fascination with the open source software community and its incredible, rapidly expanding network of people. His site is at

Want new Tweeps? Google ’em!

On Wednesday, Google unveiled the new and experimental Google Follow Finder on the official Google Blog. The service allows you to  type in someone’s Twitter name. The giant computers at Google labs then spin to life and generate two lists: (1.) a…

Feature Find: Bookmark Sync in Google Chrome!

I absolutely hate trying to keep my bookmarks up to date across several computers, and I find delicious can be inconvenient. I found out that Google Chrome can do this automatically! Here’s how.

How Will Google Chrome OS Change The Landscape Of Desktop Computing?

By Tim Teatro

Samsung has recently announced that they are to deploy Chromium OS, Google’s new operating system in a new line of netbooks later this year—the first sign that Chromium will be well received by OEMs. Still under development, the OS is already promising to change what we expect from an operating system.

Top 10 Desktop Wallpaper Sites

By Tim Teatro

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ll be the first to stand in front of our circle of readers and say it: “my name is Tim, and I have a problem. I’m addicted to desktop wallpaper.” I even have small tray apps and scripts which cycle my wallpaper randomly every few minutes.