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About Tim Teatro

Tim Teatro is a physicist, open-source enthusiast, writer and webmaster from Oshawa, Ontario. He was born with a keyboard in his hand, and today works on multi-million dollar supercomputers across Canada, discovering the secrets of the universe by simulating reality on a massive computational scale. He has long had a strong fascination with the open source software community and its incredible, rapidly expanding network of people. His site is at

Gravatar – enabling your online brand

By Tim Teatro

Gravatar enabled sites are common place these days. Blogs, forums, social media and public opinion sites can display your customised image with your content which uniquely identifies you.

Can’t manage all your tasks? Try the Pomodoro Technique!

By Tim Teatro

The Pomodoro Technique is a tool for time management. Not only does it help with time budgeting, but it also helps to develop a disciplined focus to more directly target those items floating around on your “to-do” list.

Google Buzz packs it in as Google+ takes its place

By Tim Teatro

Millions signed into their Gmail accounts last Monday, only to be greeted with the message, “Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep.” This marks the end of what is generally considered to have been a failed experiment.

Techy way to spice up that costume for Halloween!

By Tim Teatro

Ever wanted to make your own Halloween costume, or personalize one you bought from the store? There can only be so many devils and naughty kitties at one party! If you’ve got the artistic spark, then the Arduino LilyPad can help you put a little techy spice into your clothing.

Netfix expands Canadian library, but competition mounts

By Tim Teatro

Netflix now seems to be addressing the criticisms surrounding its limited content. Earlier this year, Netflix signed a deal with Paramount and is rumoured to be close to closing a deal with Martamax Entertainment. The danger remains for Netflix on the competition front. Aside from YouTube’s new film streaming service, we have been seeing some home-grown Canadian competition forming as well.

Ten computer security tips for back to school

By Tim Teatro

It’s that time of the year again boys and girls! While we’re all caught up in the excitement of orientations, buying textbooks and decorating dorm rooms, it is important to give some thought to security. It only takes a little bit of time and care to ensure that you don’t become an unlucky statistic. Here are ten tips to keep yourself safe from common disasters that I see each year as a university TA.

Netflix: a user evaluates the Canadian experience

By Tim Teatro:

My review of the Canadian Netflix experience has generated some passionate discussion. In it, I complain that Canadian content was noticeably absent from the Canadian Netflix library. Users have made points both in support of and in condemnation of Netflix’s Canadian offering. Most of the comments have little sympathy for Netflix – even though Netflix did quite well in our reader poll …

Why Linux? Reasons for switching from Windows

By Tim Teatro

Why Linux? The user who is looking for a complete and simple desktop operating system that allows them to get work done efficiently and doesn’t get in the way—why would that person choose Linux? Why should you choose Linux?