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Review: Nokia C7 proves capable on aging Symbian platform

By Ted Kritsonis

The Nokia C7 is a smartphone that arguably looks and feels better than some of the highly-acclaimed handsets out there, but the operating system it runs on just continues to lose its lustre, which makes this phone a bit of a conflicted device to consider.

Netflix adds hundreds of new movies and slashes bandwidth usage by up to two-thirds

By Ted Kritsonis

A new multi-year deal between Netflix and Paramount Pictures has been adding over 350 movies and shows to the streaming service’s Canadian offering. But perhaps more impactful is that streaming video will now take up, on average, one-third the data it used to, as Netflix responds to data cap concerns for consumers here.

Lexmark Genesis wireless all-in-one printer reviewed

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Unlike any other multi-functional printer we’ve seen before, the Lexmark Genesis ($399  from Future Shop) is an upright  block of shiny plastic that looks more like a modern art sculpture than a boring old  office appliance.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to also support Android apps

By Ted Kritsonis

Though rumoured for months, RIM has officially announced that its upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, launching on April 19, will also include support for applications designed for the Android mobile operating system.