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Media Democracy Depends on New Technology – and You!

by Lee Rickwood

We all want to know what features a specific cell phone has, for example, just as we all should want to know what impact media and technology have on our economy, our society, ourselves.

Phone plans and VoIP options for your home-based business

By Ted Kritsonis

Running a business from home can not only provide flexibility and confidence, but it can also prove to be very rewarding and fulfilling. Of course, there are obvious challenges to streamlining resources enough to keep operating costs down, and since the phone is so crucial to communicating, we focus on some of the best options out there.

Apple MacBook Air 2010 (11-inch) reviewed

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

We feel that Apple is seriously looking at the MacBook Air and seeing the future of their portable devices. Unibody construction, solid state SSD memory on a chip, soldered RAM chips, sealed batteries in a completely integrated system. Much of the MacBook Air’s design was dictated by the iPad, a non-user serviceable device.

20 free web-based tools a small business should use

By Ted Kritsonis

Running a small business naturally requires that you make the most of the resources you have. If any of those can be had for little to no cost — and they get the job done right — then it’s hard not to buy into using them. It’s with that in mind that we’ve assembled this list of handy office tools.

Apple’s profits rise 70% behind record iPhone and Mac sales

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Apple’s success is generated by its innovation and landmark products like the iPhone 4 as well as the iPad which has taken the consumer electronics market by storm. Both devices can run over 300,000 applications sold on the App Store as well thousands of music and movie titles from the iTunes Store.