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What’s Coming in Windows Phone Mango

Text and Photos by Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla   Microsoft’s Windows Phone has been around for ten months now and is primed for a huge update. Codenamed Mango, looks to meet Apple and Google’s mobile offerings head on.

Ten computer security tips for back to school

By Tim Teatro

It’s that time of the year again boys and girls! While we’re all caught up in the excitement of orientations, buying textbooks and decorating dorm rooms, it is important to give some thought to security. It only takes a little bit of time and care to ensure that you don’t become an unlucky statistic. Here are ten tips to keep yourself safe from common disasters that I see each year as a university TA.

First Look at the Samsung ML-3712DW wireless office printer

By Lee Rickwood

In many ways, the Samsung ML-3712DW monochrome wireless laser printer is for people who hate printing. It’s that good! It’s fast and quiet (noisy printers drive me crazy!). It’s competitively priced for the many features it offers, including some nice green eco-options (almost any printing gives me enviro-guilt!). And better still, it’s the prize in the latest contest!

Netflix: a user evaluates the Canadian experience

By Tim Teatro:

My review of the Canadian Netflix experience has generated some passionate discussion. In it, I complain that Canadian content was noticeably absent from the Canadian Netflix library. Users have made points both in support of and in condemnation of Netflix’s Canadian offering. Most of the comments have little sympathy for Netflix – even though Netflix did quite well in our reader poll …

Why the Slingbox is still cool

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s not often that a gadget or gizmo can turn three years old and still be cool without having a single hardware upgrade. The Slingbox’s Pro-HD model first came out in 2008, and though it hasn’t changed at all since, it still proves to be a nice addition to anyone’s tech lineup.

The legalities of unlocking your mobile phone

By Ted Kritsonis

Unlocking mobile phones has always been a confusing element to mobile phone ownership, but the demand for the freedom to use a handset anywhere, everywhere and with any provider will likely only grow further. And as it stands, there isn’t much of a legal precedent to stop it in Canada.