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Tips on Searching For a New Job

By Christine Persaud
There’s a disproportionate number of people looking versus hiring, but also, in some cases, a disconnect. The right hiring candidates aren’t finding the right job seekers and vice versa.

Is Gen Z Being Cyber Safe (Enough)?

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity experts are urging organizations to be particularly cautious of their younger employees’ digital habits while on the clock.

CES 2024: The Biggest Trends For 2024

By Christine Persaud
From the living room to your home security, home appliances, smart wearables, mobile devices, and on-the-go technologies, 2024 is gearing up to be yet another exciting year in tech.

spraying machine in farm filed

High-Tech Smart Farm Network Growing Across Canada

by Lee Rickwood
Smart farm initiatives are sprouting up around the globe, developing both proven agricultural technologies and new smart initiatives to boost crop resiliency, food production and overall sector performance.

How to Donate Your Old Tech

By Christine Persaud
What do you do with old tech gadgets? You could resell online and make a few bucks. But donating is also a great option, especially for simpler, less powerful, older model tech devices that aren’t in demand. They can make the world of difference for someone who doesn’t have access to tech.