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COVID-19 Solutions: A Written Guide

By Yasmin Ranade
A partnership of authors with expertise in technology, medicine, cognitive science, and financial planning have authored a relevant eBook, called The COVID-19 Solutions Guide: Health, Wealth, Technology, and the Human Spirit, now in its Second Edition.

Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

By Christine Persaud
Skip the usual items that will only serve as reminders of the things we can’t do right now. Instead, the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for 2021 will keep the pandemic in mind and consider ways to make life easier, fun, and relaxing while we spend more time at home.

Reviewing the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600

By Ted Kritsonis

Fast document scanning gets another upgrade from Fujitsu in the form of the ScanSnap iX1600, a desktop model that improves upon an already stellar lineup.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Do They Work?

By Christine Persaud
Have you ever heard of blue light blocking glasses? A few months into virtual learning, a friend of mine sent me a link for a pair she bought for her two daughters and I was intrigued. But blue light blocking glasses aren’t just for kids: it’s big business for adults, too.

Microsoft Powers North America’s Largest Digital Tech Event

By Christine Persaud
CES attracts thousands of attendees every year, which meant finding a platform that could handle a large number of online visitors at once. The organisers also needed to find a way to translate the hustle and bustle of a show that is all about in-person connections and hands-on demos, lights, sounds, and ambiance, into something everyone could enjoy from their homes. Alone.

The Top Tech Trends For 2021, According To CES 2021

By Christine Persaud
Whereas CES tech trends in previous years have included various product categories like smart home, large-screened TVs, and wireless headphones, this year, it’s all about technologies that will foster a new way of life.