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Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a top smartphone for you

By Ted Kritsonis

Smartphones were hot throughout 2012, thanks to a solid list of premium devices consumers could browse through over the course of the year. The best one for you usually comes down to what combination of style and function you’re looking for, but here’s a good reference point to get you started.

Microsoft Office coming to iOS and Android in early 2013

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft has not confirmed any release timeframe for its Office suite on Apple’s iOS or Google Android, but leaked images appear to make clear that a launch on each respective mobile operating system is coming early in 2013.

Israeli tech startups start small but are thinking big

By Ted Kritsonis

Israel is a country that is almost always in the news for either political reasons or tourism, but the tiny state is making a name for itself as a hub for startup tech companies. On a recent high-tech mission to the country, we got to see some of the startups that are looking to change the world.