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Sony unveils PlayStation 4 with social features and remote gameplay

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

NEW YORK – With a promise to provide a “glimpse into the future of play”, Sony finally revealed what many expected — the PlayStation 4 game console. Social features and connectivity will be crucial pillars to the new platform, though questions still remain on what it will look like, and how it may affect the current ways people play games.

How much value do you get from your tech subscriptions?

By Ted Kritsonis

Whether it’s a big ticket subscription, like cable or satellite TV or Internet, or something lower-priced, like satellite radio, Netflix or a music streaming service, the dollars can add up, if you’re not careful. Early into 2013, when New Year’s resolutions are set, it might be a good time to assess if you’re getting what you pay for.

A closer look at the new Wi-Fi standard: 802.11ac

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s not something you’re likely to hear too much about this holiday season, but the progression from 802.11n, or Wireless-N, the most popular Wi-Fi standard currently, to 802.11ac, or Wireless-AC, will be an ongoing development in 2013. We take a closer look at what that means for consumers.

Google + : One Year Later

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla The Google + social network has been around for a year and I think I have finally figured it out.

How to stream your iTunes library to your iOS or Android device for free

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s arguably true that Apple’s iTunes software isn’t universally loved, but it is home to a lot of music for a lot of consumers. Moving a vast library to an iOS or Android device isn’t easy because of limited storage, but Audiogalaxy is a free app that lets you stream all your iTunes music at your convenience over LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi.