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Office 365 tries to make work productive anywhere

By Ted Kritsonis

Depending on where you sat, Microsoft’s move to bring its Office software suite to the cloud in the form of Office 365 may have reinvigorated it, helping productivity at a time where the workplace can be almost anywhere.

Sonos simplifies speaker setup, removes need for Bridge

By Ted Kritsonis

Sonos announced today that its latest software update will allow users to set up a Sonos speaker system on an existing Wi-Fi network, negating the need to use either a hardwired Ethernet connection or the company’s Bridge to play music wirelessly.

Canadian High-Tech Bedside Device a Panacea for Hospital Patients

Touchscreen technology, on-demand content and Web-inspired user guides are not just for the home entertainment centre – they are key components of hospital information systems that are being widely used to support patient care.

by Lee Rickwood

Can Shomi compete with Netflix in Canada?

By Ted Kritsonis

Now that Rogers and Shaw have teamed up and unveiled a new streaming content platform they’re calling “Shomi”, it will inevitably be compared to Netflix, which already has a significant presence in Canada.

What does Microsoft’s Surface Pro need to do to succeed?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Microsoft’s Surface Pro device is the closest in bridging the gap between tablet and notebook but it has failed to capture mass adoption. What can make the Surface a better selling device?

Parrot’s A.R.Drone goes elite, but what comes with that?

By Ted Kritsonis

Parrot’s A.R.Drone has gone through a couple of iterations so far, with the 2.0 model now in an “Elite Edition” that seems to indicate a solid push upwards, though this may be more a case of style over substance. No matter the focus, the unique quadricopter is still a lot of fun no matter what moniker you attach to it.