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Microsoft Office coming to iOS and Android in early 2013

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft has not confirmed any release timeframe for its Office suite on Apple’s iOS or Google Android, but leaked images appear to make clear that a launch on each respective mobile operating system is coming early in 2013.

Israeli tech startups start small but are thinking big

By Ted Kritsonis

Israel is a country that is almost always in the news for either political reasons or tourism, but the tiny state is making a name for itself as a hub for startup tech companies. On a recent high-tech mission to the country, we got to see some of the startups that are looking to change the world.

Apple launches iPad mini, plus a ‘4th-gen iPad’ and new Macs

By Ted Kritsonis

As was largely expected today, Apple did reveal a new iPad mini that shrinks the screen size of its larger counterpart down to a 7.9-inch display, and a starting price of $329 for a 16GB Wi-Fi-only version. It will hit retail in Canada on November 2.

October heating up: iPad Mini, Galaxy Note II and Windows 8 launching within a week

By Ted Kritsonis

It looks like October will be packed with some big tech news as three highly anticipated products come to market within a seven-day span. The stage is seemingly set for a busy lead-in to Halloween with Apple’s phantom iPad Mini, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Comparing the Google Nexus 7 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Photo and text by Ted Kritsonis

Apple’s iPad may own the tablet market, but the title for the 7-inch form factor is very much up for grabs. Within that category are a few tablets that are priced just right for consumers, and Google’s Nexus 7 and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook are in the thick of that race.

Router showdown: Western Digital My Net N900 vs. Cisco Linksys EA4500

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s still early, but the router, long the utilitarian device that does its job in keeping us connected, while collecting dust in the process, may actually become something cool. Western Digital’s My Net N900 and Cisco’s Linksys EA4500 are both two of the best routers available on the market, but how do they stack up against each other?

High Tech in the Gallery: Digital Screens Challenge Painters’ Canvas

Mobile technology and digital media devices are taking over the spaces normally reserved for watercolours, oils and clay. In fact, the art itself is migrating to the Web, where online art collections rival those housed inside bricks-and-mortar institutions.

by Lee Rickwood

Do you know what Apple’s AirPlay actually does?

By Ted Kritsonis

Most products or services Apple comes out with usually carry plenty of buzz with them, but there are a few that take a little time to resonate with people. AirPlay is one of them. As a seamless technology for streaming music, photos and video between compatible devices, it’s arguably one of the easiest features to use.