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Review: Tablo aims to take you out of your cable subscription

By Ted Kritsonis

Cutting the cord from your cable provider doesn’t necessarily mean there is one solution to cover everything you watch. Ottawa-based Nuvyyo thinks it may have something that can help the cause in a big way with the Tablo, a set top box that can take free over-the-air HD broadcasts and stream and record them to mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet and S Pen Offer Write Stuff

Like some desktops – OK, the old fashioned kind where pencils and paper live – the Samsung Note and its S Pen lets you write notes on screen, scribble drawings and save them, navigate the UI and much more.

Does Lenovo have a winner with Yoga Android tablet?

By Ted Kritsonis

Actor Ashton Kutcher almost seems to have done an about-face, portraying the late Steve Jobs in a biopic about the Apple CEO’s life, and then joining Lenovo as an actual employee to help the company engineer and design great new products. The Yoga tablet isn’t a Kutcher creation but it signals that Lenovo is serious about making a quality Android tablet and building a brand around it.

Dell launches new tablets and they’re based on Windows and Android

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

NEW YORK – Having been on the outside looking in at the growing tablet battle between rivals, Dell has entered the fray with a pair of Android and another pair of Windows tablets to take on the competition. But without a killer model that pushes the envelope, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact they can make.

Think you know audio? TAVES will show you a thing or two

By Ted Kritsonis

The Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) in Toronto is about a month away on November 1-3, and attendees can expect to see some of the best in home audio products and technologies. Seasoned audiophiles will feel right at home, while newcomers might hear a level of quality their ears have never experienced.

Small Bluetooth speakers vie for supremacy amidst tight competition

By Ted Kritsonis

Bluetooth speakers do come in different shapes and sizes, and as competition heats up between various brands, it’s the smaller models that take up the least amount of space that make it so hard to decide on the best one for you.