Canadians Making Social Media Safer for Kids

By: Yasmin Ranade

December 22, 2015
Robert Reichmann, Founder & CEO

Robert Reichmann, Founder & CEO

Today’s kids are exposed to media and technology every day, and earlier than before. While online, children are faced with content and contexts that they may not be ready to manage.

VISR is a mobile and desktop app that aims to create a safer online world for families. Parents are notified in a time-sensitive manner when relevant safety issues come up across six supported social networks, including YouTube, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and KidsEmail.

What concerns are brought to the attention of parents? Bullying, risky geotagging, sexual content – like sexting – and developmentally inappropriate content are screened for parental alerting. VISR targets children and parents at two key stages: when a child asks to either receive a device or join a new social network; and when a child faces an issue online that could be a concern.

VISR uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze content: once an Visr_IMG_3346issue is found, parents are alerted and can swipe the flagged item to indicate if the alert is relevant. Based on parent feedback and interaction, VISR goes a step further and personalizes future alerts around individual parenting styles and sensitivities.

“Today’s parents tend to fall into one of two categories: the overbearing ‘helicopter’ parents that hover over their child’s every move, or the anything-goes ‘free range’ parents,”says Robert Reichmann, CEO of VISR. “Striking the balance between giving our children the space they need to learn and grow, while still having a safety net that will keep them from getting into serious trouble, is what the VISR team is aiming for with the app. We’re building the solution for everyone in between.”

VISR is unique in that it allows children to maintain their online autonomy, yet provides parents with peace of mind, by giving them the ability to help their children navigate the online world, safely. VISR does not provide parents with access to all of their children’s activity, nor does it inform parent s of a child’s username or password – VISR requires each child’s approval.  The goal is to create appropriate opportunities for parents to become aware of possible tricky online situations and engage in discussions with their children to help them better manage online relationships.

It’s social media with a safety net.Visr 2 IMG_3343

VISR is available in the Apple, Android and Chrome app stores.

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