Google Hire Automates Recruitment Tasks for G Suite Customers

By: Yasmin Ranade

February 28, 2019

Hire is a recruiting app that helps G Suite customers manage recruitment tasks. It launched in the US in July 2017, and is now available in Canada and the UK. I asked Dmitri Krakovsky, VP Google Cloud, how Hire works and if Hire is a recruitment disruptor.

Dmitri Krakovsky,
VP Google Cloud

“Hire makes it easier for Canadian businesses to recruit,” began Krakovsky. “WorkConnect by SAP conducted a survey of the biggest challenges hiring professionals are facing, and found that 86% want their hiring tasks accomplished in an efficient and time-saving manner.”

“Companies are drawn to our product because of our deep integration with Gmail and Calendar, AI features, and easy-to-use interface.”

I asked where AI is being used, to which Krakovsky responded, “With AI powering interview suggestions and replacement, recruiters get suggestions on the best interviewers for a particular role, gauge their availability and quickly schedule interviews for available times. Your interviewer declines? No problem: the tool will suggest you an optimal replacement based on availability and other signals.”

Krakovsky added, “If companies are on G Suite, Hire can recruit directly from Gmail, schedule interviews that sync directly to Google Calendar, and analyze data through Google Sheets.”

How are companies from 10 to a few thousand employees using Hire?

24-7 InTouch, a global contact centre outsourcer based in Canada, uses Hire.

“Hiring Managers who have never used Hire or an ATS before can go through a quick training session and feel like a pro immediately after,” remarked Jeremy Grigaitis, Senior Manager Global Tools & Sourcing, Intouch. “We also love the candidate discovery feature which shows us previous candidates that may be suited for a new role.”

Mirego, a Canadian, digital product design firm, attributes Hire with bringing efficiency to its recruitment process.

“Hire improved our candidate workflow overall,” stated Albert Dang-Vu, Partner Co-president and CEO, Mirego. “Our internal process with the reviewees and evaluations is more efficient and there is less interviewer bias that we are seeing in the feedback. Hire also helps nurture candidates for some of our more strategic roles.”

Hire automates mundane hiring tasks and is unique through its access to Google Smarts.

Krakovsky explained, “when we measured the time it takes to schedule a 4 person interview round, we saw a reduction from 51 clicks to 17 clicks with Hire. In the process that it takes to review 10 new candidate applications and take action, we saw clicks reduction from 117+ clicks to 28 clicks.”

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