A Mother’s Truth In Photographs

By: Yasmin Ranade

May 9, 2019

HP’s History of Memory series explores the evolution of photography to better understand the connection between printed photos and memory. Is there value in printed images in our lives? Can we learn more about our history, our family and our self?

The first film in HP’s History of Memory series, At First Sight, was released this past Valentine’s Day and won the Best Episodic Series award last month at the Tribeca X Awards.

This Mother’s Day, HP is releasing the second film in their History of Memory series, The Secret Album

Gail – young girl photo

The film explores the role printed pictures play in our journeys of personal discovery.

Gail now

It highlights award-winning author Gail Lukasik’s resolve to satisfy her lifelong curiosity about the absence of photographs of her mother.  The Secret Album also speaks to anyone who has ever immersed themselves in the family album in search of clues about who they are.

As we continue to photograph ourselves, mostly for social media, might I suggest you ask your mother or a special woman in your life about her photographs?  Ask her to share them with you; I bet there are a million stories that you haven’t yet heard. That’s a life moment worth a printed picture, I think.

For more information about HP’s History of Memory series, visit here.

Gail’s new family

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