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Tips on Searching For a New Job

By Christine Persaud
There’s a disproportionate number of people looking versus hiring, but also, in some cases, a disconnect. The right hiring candidates aren’t finding the right job seekers and vice versa.

Canadian Job Search to Intersect More and More with Social Media

By Yasmin Ranade
As more of us return to office (RTO) or look to make a job change in 2023, it is fascinating to appreciate how social media is playing a greater role in employee recruitment as well as job seeking. From a careers and talent perspective, we are just at the beginning of the social boom.

What is “Career Cushioning?”

By Christine Persaud
If the buzzwords in the business space a few months ago were quiet quitting and quiet firing, the latest term to take the business world by storm is “career cushioning.” You might have heard the term in passing, but what does it really mean?

Heard About Quiet Quitting? What About Quiet Firing?

By Christine Persaud
The popularity of quiet quitting has led to the coining of a new term: quiet firing. As the name implies, quiet firing is when management purposely makes things difficult within the work environment in hopes that it will drive an employee to quit.