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Beaming your computer screen to your TV for home entertainment

By Ted Kritsonis

In a previous article this week, we talked about some of the media players available in Canadian retail that would make great additions to a home theatre setup. Naturally, we understand the category still needs a bit more time for consumers to get comfortable with, which is why projecting a computer screen to a TV might be easier to do.

Which media player is right for you?

By Ted Kritsonis

The notion of the Web-connected TV is going to become a bigger story over the course of this year, and media players are a big reason why. But now that they’re slowly starting to go mainstream, which one is most ideal for your home entertainment needs?

Is Samsung’s NF-210 Netbook A Case of Style over Substance?

By Lee Rickwood

So an attractive netbook with a new Dual Core Atom processor like this one was supposed to hit both targets – small size, big punch. Depending on your requirements, you may have to be happy with one over the other.

By Lee Rickwood

Google Shake Up: Schmidt steps down as CEO

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Under Schmidt’s leadership, Google has dominated the internet search and online advertising market while expanding into new projects most notable of which are their Android smartphone OS and the purchase of YouTube which is the Internet’s de facto video service. Google is currently estimated to be worth $163.2 billion.

Jobs takes medical leave just as Apple hits new high with 26B revenue

Ten years ago, Apple stock was worth $7 a share, last week its latest high was $348.48. Last year, Apple passed rival Microsoft in market capitalization to become the world’s most valuable technology company. Revenue reached a new high with $26.74 billion for the quarter that ended December 25, 2010, and net quarterly profit hit a high of $6 billion.

Mentors share Good Karma at Wired Woman Event

By Yasmin Ranade

Wired Woman Toronto recently convened a panel of senior communicators to share their opinions about “The Vital Role of Mentorship in careers”. The panelists impressed us and impressed upon us a rich array of professional and life experience …