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Google Drive: Cloud service or emerging OS?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Google Drive is a free synching and file storage service that is the foundation for a comprehensive cloud service. Google’s big cloud initiative is starting to form more cohesively. 

Jumping Right In with the Samsung W300 Camera

I am old school, OK? Tossing any camera into the water runs against my religion, being raised on Bolex 16mm. But this Samsung mini camcorder brings a whole new perspective to the issue.

by Lee Rickwood

Extreme Gadgets for Active Users

  By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Aside from competing in specs and pricing, many gadgets have differentiated themselves by catering to the action market with tough, water-resistant and temperature resistant features.

High Tech in the Gallery: Digital Screens Challenge Painters’ Canvas

Mobile technology and digital media devices are taking over the spaces normally reserved for watercolours, oils and clay. In fact, the art itself is migrating to the Web, where online art collections rival those housed inside bricks-and-mortar institutions.

by Lee Rickwood

RIM looks to Rebound with BB10 and new leadership

Text and photos by Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Orlando, FL – This year’s BlackBerry World conference became the launchpad for a new regime at RIM as well as a bold new mobile strategy.

Do you know what Apple’s AirPlay actually does?

By Ted Kritsonis

Most products or services Apple comes out with usually carry plenty of buzz with them, but there are a few that take a little time to resonate with people. AirPlay is one of them. As a seamless technology for streaming music, photos and video between compatible devices, it’s arguably one of the easiest features to use.