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Your connected home theatre experience: HDTV choices

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

The good news is that HDTVs have never been more feature packed and affordable. In 2008, a 32-inch LCD HDTV cost about $725. Today, a similar model costs as low as $280. Here are some compelling HDTVs in the market today.

Microsoft pushes Xbox 360 as future TV platform with new apps

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft is giving the Xbox 360 a bit of an overhaul with a new-look interface and a lineup of new entertainment applications that essentially turns the console into an entertainment platform with TV and music content, including live events.

How the iPad won 2011’s ‘Tablet War’

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the tablet space it had created a year ago despite the waves of competing tablets that hit the market hoping to challenge the leader.

Kobo aims for a slice of the tablet market

Text and photos by Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Toronto-based eBook reader company Kobo has introduced the Kobo Vox which is an eBook reader with social graces and an eye on the emerging tablet market.