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How much are you paying for your Internet access?

By Ted Kritsonis

The Internet and its residential usage is one of those topics that almost always induces a roll of one’s eyes, and the main reasons are inextricably linked — performance and price. Canada’s biggest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have the lion’s share of the market, but could consumers benefit more from going with a smaller company?

Apple unveils new iPad with Retina Display, LTE and HD apps

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

The much anticipated successor to the iPad 2 was revealed today. Simply called iPad, it will be available in Canada on March 16th starting at the new slate features a stunning new Retina Display with four times the pixels of the previous model.

Both HTC One series and Nokia Lumia 900 coming to Canada ‘soon’

By Ted Kritsonis

Two key smartphones, one which made headlines at CES in January, and another that has been unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, have been confirmed to come to Canada in a short time, though no official launch dates have been announced.

How RIM is Looking to Apps to Survive

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla With no new handsets coming until the end of 2012, Research in Motion is doubling up its efforts to provide users a more compelling array of applications on their existing BlackBerry devices.

New era of LTE wireless begins in Canada

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Canadians can enjoy increased high speed connectivity now that Rogers, Bell and Telus are all offering LTE (Long Term Evolution) data speeds and corresponding mobile devices.