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Unlocking phones: what Canada’s carriers will and won’t do

By Ted Kritsonis

Phone unlocking is always one of those hot-button issues when it comes to mobile freedom, but most consumers buy their phones subsidized by the carriers through contracts. These phones are locked to their respective carriers, making it difficult to use them as leverage to leave for another provider.

What will the tablet market bring in 2012?

By Ted Kritsonis

For a variety of reasons, the tablet market in 2011 wasn’t a horse race, but rather one of a clear winner ahead of a confusing pack left to fester in the distance. Apple’s iPad only affirmed its dominance over a surge of ‘me too’ devices that didn’t resonate enough with consumers. Will 2012 change that in a big way?

Apple’s iMessage vs. RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger

By Ted Kritsonis

In spite of RIM’s troubling times, the company’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service remains highly popular, and is arguably one of the last bastions of loyalty keeping some consumers from defecting. Apple created iMessage as an answer to BBM, but how well does it stack up?