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Apple WWDC 2023: New Macs & Useful Privacy and Security Updates

By Christine Persaud
Apple introduced several innovations in the computing space alongside many new features coming to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Apple TV 4K. For Mac users, the computing experience has gotten much sleeker, faster, and more intuitive as well.

Apple Enters New Category with Vision Pro Spatial Computer

By Christine Persaud
Among the many announcements Apple made at its WWDC 2023 annual conference this week is the big reveal of the Apple Vision Pro. This marks Apple’s first entrance into the wearable augmented reality (AR) space with a device that looks like virtual reality (VR) glasses but can do so much more.

montage of black and white photos of famous inventors - all male.

Challenging the Stereotypes, Building an Ecosystem for Women in IP

by Lee Rickwood
“We need to see ourselves in these roles,” said one accomplished female tech exec. “If they [other women] don’t see you do it, they won’t believe they can do it,” said another women executive of the importance of role models and the unfortunate impact of existing stereotypes on students or those just entering the workforce.

New Ways To Game Right From Your TV

By Christine Persaud
Being able to game on a TV is nothing new: But more and more, TVs, streaming services, and streaming devices are integrating gaming right into the experience. This means you can play right from the TV using nothing more than the TV’s remote or your phone as a controller.