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Google Chrome for Mac

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Google knows that in order for its OS to gain mass acceptance, it has to sell the merits of its standalone browser. Pushing Chrome into the mainstream, even if Mac and Linux have a small share of the market.

The Chrome browser has been a personal favourite on Windows- its speed, stability and simplicity has made Apple’s Safari and even the venerable Mozilla Firefox feel bloated and slow.

PayPal pushes mobile payments

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

PayPal continues diversify the way e-payments are made. The leading online payment service provider, PayPal has gone beyond catering to e-tailers and eBay traders and has managed to cap 2009 by introducing ways to pay via Twitter, smartphones and has provided the payment backbone for BlackBerry’s new App World store.

WIND partners with Blockbuster

With Netflix, According to the announcement, 16 of Blockbuster’s 458 Canadian stores would house a 150 square-ft WIND Mobile kiosk. The numbers break down to roughly 13 locations in the GTA with 3 more in Calgary. Hats off to Toronto-based…

New Cellphone Service Wind Launches with Community’s Help

By Lee Rickwood

Dedicating its opening ceremonies to the folks it wants to serve, telecom start-up Globalive officially unveiled its new rate plans and cellphone services today with the opening of the first Wind store in Toronto.

“Google Phone” buzz emerges

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Leaked this week via Twitter, various blogs and websites was the “Google Phone”. An Android smartphone that has been distributed internally to Google employees for field-testing. Many believe that this is the ultimate Android smartphone under Google’s full control and supervision.

Tribute to Andrew J. White

President, ITWorld Canada 1956-2009

Here I am at the launch of, and it only seems fitting that my first posting be a tribute to Andy White, former ITWorld Canada President and COO, technology publisher and personal mentor and friend. Sadly, Andy passed away last week.

Andy was a visionary and an inspiring leader. His love for technology –

WIND Mobile plans leaked?

By Dilshan Kathriarachchi

WIND Mobile internet tipster “Windsider” put up what appears to be leaked plans yet to be confirmed by Canada’s newest wireless carrier cleared for takeoff earlier today.