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How the new Chevy Malibu uses technology to keep teenage drivers safe

The 2016 Chevy Malibu will not play music until you buckle up, it also silences the sound system if you go over speed limits, it features a way to program the key fob so that metrics can track your driving and even generate an report card at the end of your ride.

5 Eco-Friendly Tech Gadgets in Celebration of Earth Day

BY christine Persaud
Friday, April 22 is known as Earth Day, a day when we celebrate environmentally-conscious behaviours, and aim to do our part to protect our precious earth. Many technology companies are doing their part, too, with products that use sustainable materials, or give back in some way to the environment. Here are just a few.

Canada’s Privacy Act Urgently Needs Major Upgrade

by Lee Rickwood
“[W]e have seen massive government breaches affecting tens, even hundreds, of thousands of citizens,” says Canada’s Privacy Commissioner. So the laws must change, he adds, calling on Canadians to provide input and ideas around protecting personal information in the online world.


Canadian Technology at Play in U.S. Election

by Lee Rickwood
As well as managing the technological challenges of real-time data ingest, processing and output, these graphic solution designers must also consider analytical, subjective and even emotional implications of visualization.