UBC Students Help High School Students Transition to University Life

By: Yasmin Ranade

September 29, 2020

Incline Education Team

A team of civic-minded and entrepreneurial university students have stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic by helping incoming first-year students with their university transition.

Andy Chung

“Incline Education is a non-profit organization run by students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) ,” shared Andy Chung, team member at Incline Education. “We aim to help high school students in their transition into post-secondary education.”

Incline Education offers:

Panel discussions  bringing students from various universities and programs across Canada to talk about their post-secondary experiences;


Mentorship program – pairing first year students with an upper year university student in their program and school of interest for a 1 on 1 chat; and

Educational blog – publishing weekly articles about the experiences of upper year students in post-secondary studies.

Christopher Ng

According to founder, Christopher Ng, “when I was in high school, I was extremely nervous about transitioning into post-secondary education. Unfortunately, there were very few educational resources that I could turn to for help. I decided to form Incline Education to help current high school students in this position so they will be more prepared for success after graduation.”

So far, this enterprising venture has engaged 1000+ students across Canada with its panel discussions. Mentorship program students attend 24 post-secondary institutions across Canada, and study 46 different programs. Its educational blog is attracting more than 400 unique readers per month.

Chung added, “We have aspirations to further expand our services across Canada in the future to impact many more students across the country. In particular, we will be striving to help underprivileged students in their transition into post-secondary education.”

“Incline Education reaches out to prospective students via 3 methods,” shared Chung.

  • Website  Students can learn more about who we are and what we do on our website.
  • Social media  Our team maintains LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages to keep students informed about what we are doing
  • Partnerships with high schools We work with teachers and other education professionals to reach students and improve the quality of our services.

Due to COVID-19, its mentorship is now completely online. “This has allowed us to connect students in 22 schools across Canada with a mentor rather than only being able to focus locally,” shared Ng. “We also have a large pipeline of educational resources that we will be sending out to students during the next few months to compensate for services that they are unable to get in-person during the pandemic. Added Ng, “[our] team is in communication with many high school principals across Canada to determine better ways for us to engage with students and improve our services.”

Help Spread the Word

“The best thing that businesses and educational institutions can do to support Incline Education is to help inform students about our services,” suggested Chung. “Despite the wide array of resources we provide, it is of no use to students if they do not know about us.”

Well done, Incline Education. WhatsYourTech.ca and its readership will support you.

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