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Air Video streams media from a Mac or PC to iPhone for free

Featuring Ted Kritsonis

As a free app for the iPhone, Air Video proves to be both elegant and robust in offering options to stream media from a Mac or PC to the iPhone over 3G or Wi-Fi. It even offers live conversion on the fly and seems to be able to handle a wide range of file formats.

5 free sites to discover and listen to new music

By Ted Kritsonis

The Web is full of streaming music sites, but not all of them are adept in helping you discover new tunes. Here are five options that are interesting — not to mention legal — and work just fine in Canada.

Using the Web to design and decorate your home

By Ted Kritsonis

Whether you’re moving into a new place or looking to design your dream home, the Web offers some interesting tools to help make that a reality for you, and all at a price you can afford.

Gateway One ZX6800 All-in-One offers power and functionality at great price

Featuring Ted Kritsonis

Gateway’s latest All-in-One PC offers a 23-inch multi-touchscreen, which is great at first, but you will find that the ZX6800 offers a lot more than some novelties at your fingertips. With a strong processor, solid RAM and plenty of hard drive space, this is a great desktop PC for under $1,000.

Why the netbook could die in 2010

By Ted Kritsonis

Netbooks may have turned hot at the right time with their diminutive form factors and recession-friendly prices, but the honeymoon with consumers is over, and there’s plenty of reason to believe that netbooks will start to die slow deaths this year.

ASUS O!Play works well as a ‘budget’ media player

Featuring Ted Kritsonis

The ASUS O!Play isn’t without its drawbacks, and though it’s not the most full-featured media player out there to connect to your TV, it still does a solid job of playing back many file formats. It also comes in handy on the road, since you can easily enjoy media content directly from a USB or eSATA external hard drive plugged into the O!Play.

Will 3D and Internet-connected TV work for you?

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

Though 3D TV and Internet-connected TV were all the rage at CES in Las Vegas, there are still more than a few question marks on how all this will be implemented and if it’s even worth delving into.