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Plex may actually transform your home entertainment setup

By Ted Kritsonis

Streaming media within the home has been a liberating feature for anyone who has adopted it and taken full advantage of the convenience the technology provides. One of the most effective programs to do that is Plex, media server software that collects your content and presents it in one of the most effective platforms currently available.

Indigo looks to take on Amazon with new mobile app

By Ted Kritsonis

Indigo has released a free mobile app for iOS and Android today that aims to help draw in more customers, as a means to fighting off the increasing competition by Amazon. The app has been designed to “simplify the shopping experience” by incorporating browsing, ordering, gifting and sales prices into it.

Streaming music apps supplanting traditional forms for music discovery

By Ted Kritsonis

Pandora and Spotify are arguably the most popular streaming music platforms in the world, but neither are available in Canada, thus highlighting alternative apps and services that personalize music to your tastes to make it easier to discover new songs and artists that you might not have otherwise known about.

Xbox Music launches on iOS and Android, offers free Web streaming

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft has expanded its Xbox Music streaming and download service to iOS and Android devices, as well as launching a browser-based version that will be free of any paid subscription for the first six months. The move puts the service’s 30 million song catalog across a wider gamut of devices in taking on established competitors.

Medical apps for various conditions on the rise, but require careful selection

By Ted Kritsonis

The increased popularity of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets usually gets the most attention for the entertainment they provide, but there are plenty that are designed to be informative, and health is one of those categories that fits the bill. There is no shortage of fitness and nutrition apps, but there are also others meant for more serious health conditions and illnesses.

Is this the new Facebook phone?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Facebook has long been enamoured with the idea of making its own smartphone. There are signs the Social Network is going after mobile with a new device.