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Medical apps for various conditions on the rise, but require careful selection

By Ted Kritsonis

The increased popularity of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets usually gets the most attention for the entertainment they provide, but there are plenty that are designed to be informative, and health is one of those categories that fits the bill. There is no shortage of fitness and nutrition apps, but there are also others meant for more serious health conditions and illnesses.

Is this the new Facebook phone?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Facebook has long been enamoured with the idea of making its own smartphone. There are signs the Social Network is going after mobile with a new device.

Google Apps won’t be free for small businesses anymore

By Ted Kritsonis

Google announced today that it would now charge $50 annually to small businesses with less than 10 employees who use its suite of Web-based productivity tools. The move puts these small businesses in line with larger businesses that have paid that rate for some time.

Apps for Managing Expenses

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Being highly personal devices, smartphones are ideal devices for managing expenses and here are a some apps that will help in tracking our expenses.