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Is Microsoft’s vision starting to come into focus?

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft outlined its vision for some of its core products and services during a 3-hour keynote at its Build conference in San Francisco. The takeaway from the various announcements is that the company may have finally figured out what kind of role it will play in the tech industry moving forward.

Why Apple will never make a TV

By Ted Kritsonis

Apple TV

For years, rumours have ebbed and flowed on Apple’s alleged plans to enter the TV market by designing and manufacturing its own flat-panel TV. Such a scenario already seemed unlikely, given that the company’s interest had more to do with software than hardware.

Prezi’s new app Nutshell visualizes photos with graphics

By Ted Kritsonis

The makers of Prezi, the intuitive presentation software, have launched a mobile app called Nutshell that fuses together photos into a short video filled with text and graphics to add effect. The result can then be shared with others via social media or email and text messaging.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10, showcases deeper integration

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft announced its upcoming Windows 10 operating system would be more than a just new desktop software, but rather an integrated platform that will work the same way on phones and tablets. Xbox One fusion and the HoloLens augmented reality headset round out what was the most interesting event for the company in years.

Wearables make a big statement at CES 2015

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Every company seemed to have one, or at least had some news related to the wearables market which took up most of an additional exhibit space here at CES 2015.