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5 Must-Have Accessories for the New iPhone

By Christine Persaud
If you were lucky enough to invest in a brand-new Apple iPhone 14 and have already received it, or have one on the way. you’ll want to pick up some accessories for it. In fact, having the essentials in advance is a good idea so you’re fully ready to go right out of the box.

The Signal Messaging App: Is it Really More Secure?

By Christine Persaud
Instant messaging apps are available in abundance, but there are just a handful people most often use. This includes Apple’s iMessages, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp; as well as robust messaging apps used by businesses like Slack and Discord. Another messaging app has been gaining popularity, however, called Signal. Many people have switched to Signal because of the belief that it’s more secure. But is it?

6 Reasons to Get an eReader

By Christine Persaud
Screen time is part of our everyday lives, whether it’s using a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, or, more than likely, all the above. Why add another screen – an e-reader – to the mix? There’s actually lots of value in using an e-reader. Here, we’ll look at some of the most noteworthy reasons to consider adding an e-reader to your holiday wish list this year.