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Better Mobile, Online Privacy Means Redesign the Manuals

By Lee Rickwood

User manuals and privacy policies should get a ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ button.

It’s not just about telling users how something works.

It’s about telling them if, how and why information is gathered about how, when and where they use it.

YouTube offers live streaming service, while Google Video officially ends

By Ted Kritsonis

YouTube, the world’s most popular video site, recently launched YouTube Live, a streaming service that will allow content partners to broadcast events and shows to viewers live. Meanwhile, YouTube overlords, Google, officially pulled the plug on Google Video as a video content site.

Blogging: To Pay or Not to Pay

By Hessie Jones

Social Media is a medium that currently is built on transparency, trust and dare I say, integrity. But as it continues to evolve, monetization challenges its core principles.

Canadian tax software for last-minute filers

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s not like you mean to do it, but filing your income taxes on or near the deadline seems to be an annual habit. Thankfully, filing electronically expedites the process of getting the proper forms to the Taxman to get you a refund sooner, except you still have to decide which tax software to use.

Netflix adds hundreds of new movies and slashes bandwidth usage by up to two-thirds

By Ted Kritsonis

A new multi-year deal between Netflix and Paramount Pictures has been adding over 350 movies and shows to the streaming service’s Canadian offering. But perhaps more impactful is that streaming video will now take up, on average, one-third the data it used to, as Netflix responds to data cap concerns for consumers here.