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When it comes to cell phones and Internet service don’t accept the Status Quo

By Mark Orton

I am tired of being buried with cell phone promos. Commercials, ads, brochures, and mail everywhere I turn, extolling the virtues of what they offer. If you’re like me you’ve ignored them, because let’s face it we get comfortable with what we have. But as I found out comfort can cost you money.

Kobo’s Touch eReader innovates the ebook market

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Toronto-based Kobo has released the Kobo Touch eReader. A diminutive, fast and well-priced eBook reader that doesn’t only meet its competition feature by feature but is the smallest yet most capable eReader device around.

Samsung Series 9 proves that Windows PC laptops can be elegant

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

The Samsung Series 9 is an ultra-thin laptop that looks and feels luxurious, particularly because it blends style, elegance and durability into one fashionable frame. Considering that PC laptops generally lack a certain flair for design, the Series 9 comes off as distinct and versatile in one fell swoop.

Developer engagement vital to Mobile OS success

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

How companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and HP engage and compensate developers on their mobile platforms will eventually determine their long term success.

Tough cameras clicking with consumers

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

An emerging segment of sporty, water-resistant and tough video cameras is enticing users to look beyond basic specs and features and is opening up a new way to enjoy taking action videos.