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Tech-Enabled Smart Labels Help Fight Food Waste

by Lee Rickwood
New smart labels for food, other consumer products, even industrial processes, can be connected wirelessly to sources of power and contextual information.

Here Are Some Of The Best Midrange Phones

By Christine Persaud
While it’s tempting to jump on the highest-end, most premium, newest smartphones as soon as they come out, not everyone has the budget, nor the need, for devices that rival the cost of a monthly mortgage payment. This puts mid-range phones in a unique position to appeal to a large subset of the market.

Tech Categories That Are Growing Like Wildfire Due To The Pandemic

By Christine Persaud
Wearable devices, portable Bluetooth speakers, and truly wireless headphones are a few of the popular big categories from the past few years. But in 2020, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are specific categories of products that are picking up steam that might not necessarily have been on the radar before, or at least not been quite as popular as they are now.

Win a HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Prize  value $169.99 Contest Closed Designed for the modern family, for multiple users with a range of printing needs – the HP ENVY is the perfect printer to please everyone. Everyone in the family can print whenever, wherever. Inkjet printer…

Streaming TV in Canada: What Are The Options?

By Christine Persaud
More and more Canadians are deciding to cut the cord from traditional cable and satellite television. Media in Canada reported back in September 2019 that one in seven Canadians had already shifted from linear to streaming TV and one in five planned to do so over the next year.

Win a Mophie Universal Wireless Charging Pad with UV Phone Sanitizer

Approximate prize value $100 Contest Closed   Anti-Bacterial Technology: UV-C bulbs kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria on your device you touch daily No Heat or Liquid Used: Four UV-C bulbs sanitize your phone, killing 99.99 percent of…

The Social Dilemma: We Have Clear Warnings, We Need Real Solutions

Much of today’s technology is designed to deceive and manipulate us — not to protect us, our privacy or our property. Into our smartphones and our social media sites and our connected digital gadgetry, product designers have embedded certain techniques…