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The new Apple TV has promise with plenty of question marks

By Ted Kritsonis

With the new Apple TV now having been unveiled, the device that was once famously coined as a “hobby” is evolving to become a device that may play a role in changing how consumers view their content. Its future isn’t entirely clear, however, and that has a lot to do with what’s missing out of the gate.

Review: ZTE Grand X 2 is as ‘budget’ as it gets

By Ted Kritsonis

When a smartphone costs $150 outright, it can raise an eyebrow or two for any number of reasons. The ZTE Grand X 2 is an entry-level budget handset that offers some decent specs for the price, and aims to attract users who don’t need or care to have the best. Competition in the race to zero is getting tighter, putting the Grand X 2 in a battle for relevance to those looking for something affordable.

Canadian MPs Seek Warning Labels on Cellphones, Wi-Fi Devices

“Future research may indicate that long-term human exposure to these particular low-frequency characteristics should be avoided or carefully controlled” a scientist wrote in 1979.
Now, we’re looking at labelling.

by Lee Rickwood