Tag: Cloud Computing

Prezi tries to instill life into presentations

By Ted Kritsonis

Presentation software has long been key to visualizing information for audiences, yet its evolution has seemed stunted by a lack of creative options to keep eyeballs engaged. Prezi has tried to change that by infusing animations that go beyond typical transitions and basic slides, but does it work the way it should?

Office 365 tries to make work productive anywhere

By Ted Kritsonis

Depending on where you sat, Microsoft’s move to bring its Office software suite to the cloud in the form of Office 365 may have reinvigorated it, helping productivity at a time where the workplace can be almost anywhere.

Review: HP Slate 21 Pro good for home and business

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s not common to see Android displayed on a 21.5-inch desktop computer, but HP’s Slate 21 Pro is an interesting and affordable machine that brings the mobile operating system to an all-in-one form factor that could cater equally to both consumers and business users.