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Plex may actually transform your home entertainment setup

By Ted Kritsonis

Streaming media within the home has been a liberating feature for anyone who has adopted it and taken full advantage of the convenience the technology provides. One of the most effective programs to do that is Plex, media server software that collects your content and presents it in one of the most effective platforms currently available.

Bring Your Own Device: Is Your Organization Ready?

Canadian companies are embracing BYOD faster than their global counterparts, but fewer than half (33 per cent) of Canadian organizations have a mobile device management policy in place.

By Lee Rickwood

Newsstand Apps reinvent Magazines for Mobile

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla One of the biggest draws of mobile devices is how they have evolved the way we consume magazines and newspapers. Here are some new approaches in making magazines mobile.

New Real-Time Transit App Goes Beyond Canada with Any Device

Freely accessible and widely usable, open data from public sources has been used in the development of several apps, including those that provide information about water quality at beaches, food safety at restaurants, parking lots, bike trails and transit routes.

by Lee Rickwood