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Prezi tries to instill life into presentations

By Ted Kritsonis

Presentation software has long been key to visualizing information for audiences, yet its evolution has seemed stunted by a lack of creative options to keep eyeballs engaged. Prezi has tried to change that by infusing animations that go beyond typical transitions and basic slides, but does it work the way it should?

Samsung Knox 2.0 what you need to know

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Enabling personal devices in the workplace has its conveniences as well as its potential hazards. Samsung’s Knox 2.0 feature set aims to keep users secure.

What does Microsoft’s Surface Pro need to do to succeed?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Microsoft’s Surface Pro device is the closest in bridging the gap between tablet and notebook but it has failed to capture mass adoption. What can make the Surface a better selling device?

Stylus: The accessory that won’t die

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Mightier than the sword, no other tool is as emblematic of man’s ability to create as the pen or its digital counterpart, the stylus. Here’s the accessory that won’t go away.

With ‘Project Ion’, BlackBerry wants in on the Internet of Things

By Ted Kritsonis

The Internet of Things may be a broad term, but there is no shortage of tech companies looking to grab a piece of its action, whatever it may be. Count BlackBerry among them, with its announcement of Project Ion, a vague encompassing name that promises to take a whole lot of data and disseminate it into chunks that will make sense on the other end.