Fighting Against Food Waste, One Recipe at a Time

By: Yasmin Ranade

March 14, 2022

To help Canadians tackle food waste at home, Too Good To Go has launched its first ever recipe collection in its free Remix Recipes book. The idea is to “remix” your recipe favourites, taking what you have in your kitchen and making new creations that are simple and tasty.

The average Canadian family wastes 200kg of food per year, according to Too Good To Go, and during COVID 61% said they were buying more than normal, but also wasting more than usual.

Sam Kashani, Country Manager, Canada,

I asked Too Good To Go’s Sam Kashani, Country Manager, Canada, about its Remix Recipes book, and the support Canadians have shown for food waste reduction.

Kashani explained, “We know that food waste happens across the entire food value chain. From the production, to transport to retail and even in our homes. Roughly a quarter of the food waste happens right in our own homes.”

“Our ambition with the Remix Recipes cookbook is to inspire Canadians to fight food waste at home as well. It is a collection of 70+ recipes that uses many of the common leftovers and ingredients we have at home and inspires us to remix them into delicious meals and snacks.”  Summed up Kashani, “Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to join the fight against food waste and this is just another initiative for us to realize that mission.”

Supporting the Anti-food Waste Movement

Canadians are taking action to reduce food waste.

Said Kashani, “I am very humbled by how partners and users have responded to our food waste rescue movement. In a short six months we have expanded our movement from Toronto to Vancouver and Montreal with many more Canadian cities seeking to join our platform in the coming months, which is a good indication of the positive response we have seen and impact we’re having.”

“When we launched in Canada,” remarked Kashani, “my vision was really around using technology to democratize the fight against food waste and give Canadians the tools to join the movement. It is incredibly encouraging to see the adoption.”

“The simplest way Canadian businesses can join the movement is to go to the Business Section on the Too Good To Go website and join the movement,” said Kashani. “What we can help with is to ensure you get to a zero-food waste operation. So, if you have any surplus food at the end of day, reach out and let us help reduce food waste, drive traffic to your store and drive some incremental revenue! It truly is a win-win-win for all of our partners.”

Too Good To Go Canadian partners contributed six unique recipes, which are exclusively available in the Canadian version of the free Remix Recipes book:

  • Eataly
  • Fresh City
  • Greenhouse
  • Pusateri’s
  • Au Pain Doré
  • Kula Kitchen

Added Kashani, “In Canada we are working to accelerate our work beyond our marketplace as we recognize how urgent and important the issue of food waste is.”

About Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go claims to have 52.4 million people in the world already saving food with their organization, netting 118 million meals saved – and counting, as well as nearly 140, 000 cafes, restaurants, bakeries, hotels and other companies currently on board.

Shared Kashani, “Since Too Good To Go was founded in 2016, we have scaled to 17 countries to bring our app and movement across Europe and now to North America.”

Kashani added, “When we started, we were originally funded by family and friends until we made our first external capital raise from a B-Corp Certified VC to help expand our movement more rapidly.” Too Good To Go is now its own, “B-Corp Certified social impact company that generates a profit and uses that income to expand our fight against food waste,” remarked Kashani.

“If I look back at our journey,” reflected Kashani, “the most rewarding milestone has been the impact we have had in saving meals from being wasted – this past holiday season we surpassed saving 100 million meals from being wasted! That’s an incredible impact equating to approximately 250 million kgs of CO2e removed from the environment.”

How can you remix food from your pantry and fridge to reduce food waste in your home? Check out Remix Recipes book and find out!



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