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Who should be driving the Social Media bus? Marketing or the Contact Centre?

By Hessie Jones

Businesses now know that they have to adapt to the demands of social media and somehow incorporate its elements into corporate structure and operations. A major question within many companies is, Who takes the lead? More and more it has to be people who deal with customers.

HP considers what life without print would be like, but says little about its future

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

SHANGHAI – From HP’s perspective at its Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, it seems that a world without print of any kind would be a lifeless, colourless existence devoid of any livable character, and while there is anecdotal evidence supporting that, it’s still not clear what this all means for the average consumer.

High Tech in the Gallery: Digital Screens Challenge Painters’ Canvas

Mobile technology and digital media devices are taking over the spaces normally reserved for watercolours, oils and clay. In fact, the art itself is migrating to the Web, where online art collections rival those housed inside bricks-and-mortar institutions.

by Lee Rickwood

RIM admits it was behind anti-Apple stunt in Australia

By Ted Kritsonis

In the midst of the BlackBerry World event currently underway in Orlando, Research in Motion (RIM) issued a statement Monday night claiming responsibility for a series of anti-Apple flashmobs that took place in Melbourne and Sydney.

Do you know what Apple’s AirPlay actually does?

By Ted Kritsonis

Most products or services Apple comes out with usually carry plenty of buzz with them, but there are a few that take a little time to resonate with people. AirPlay is one of them. As a seamless technology for streaming music, photos and video between compatible devices, it’s arguably one of the easiest features to use.

Drive is Google’s big Cloud Play

  By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Google Drive – the all encompassing online storage, cloud synching and collaboration tool is now live and goes over and beyond what Google Docs offered.