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HTC reveals first Facebook-focused Android phones

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

HTC’s Facebook phones fill a void in the tween and teen text-focused feature phone market once dominated by the Sidekick and LG’s messaging phones. The new phones focus on texting and typing and quick-buttons that put users in the middle of the Facebook experience where they can share, post and tag photos, and communicate with their friends on-the-go.

Beaming your computer screen to your TV for home entertainment

By Ted Kritsonis

In a previous article this week, we talked about some of the media players available in Canadian retail that would make great additions to a home theatre setup. Naturally, we understand the category still needs a bit more time for consumers to get comfortable with, which is why projecting a computer screen to a TV might be easier to do.

Google Shake Up: Schmidt steps down as CEO

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Under Schmidt’s leadership, Google has dominated the internet search and online advertising market while expanding into new projects most notable of which are their Android smartphone OS and the purchase of YouTube which is the Internet’s de facto video service. Google is currently estimated to be worth $163.2 billion.

Mentors share Good Karma at Wired Woman Event

By Yasmin Ranade

Wired Woman Toronto recently convened a panel of senior communicators to share their opinions about “The Vital Role of Mentorship in careers”. The panelists impressed us and impressed upon us a rich array of professional and life experience …

Tablets and smartphones steal the limelight at CES 2011

Text and photos by Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Las Vegas-Almost a year after it was announced, Apple’s iPad now has some valid competition and it is interesting to see that companies like Motorola Mobility and Research in Motion weren’t simply content in following Apple’s footsteps but are now trying to leapfrog the popular tablet in specs and features.