Category: Business

Google’s Search to Become More Social

By Hessie Jones

In its quest to become more social…. correction….in its quest to be perceived as being social, Google has run into stumbling blocks. In the end the consumer loses out.

Gravatar – enabling your online brand

By Tim Teatro

Gravatar enabled sites are common place these days. Blogs, forums, social media and public opinion sites can display your customised image with your content which uniquely identifies you.

Backing up your computer’s data more than once is a must

By Ted Kritsonis

Imagine having all your digital snapshots of your family, your vacations, your experiences — essentially your life’s memories, all gone because you never bothered to back everything up. The feeling of loss, especially over something you could’ve completely avoided had you cared enough to bother trying, is coupled with shame because making sure that all your data is secured multiple times is not hard — and proves a worthy investment.

5 Companies that face challenges in 2012

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

The only constant is change and how businesses adapt to this change defines how they evolve and more importantly, how they survive.

Five Social Media business trends for 2012

By Hessie Jones

As the Cluetrain Manifesto states, “Markets are now conversations.” The voice of the individual can multiply into the voice of the majority, easily drowning out the corporate voice.