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Women in Tech Leader, Mary Ann Yule

By Yasmin Ranade
In March, ahead of International Women’s Day, I had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Mary Ann Yule, President and CEO of HP Canada, about women in technology, mentorship and mindfulness, gender balance in the workforce, and advice she could share for women in tech.

Why 5G has nothing to do with COVID-19

By Ted Kritsonis
It’s a conspiracy theory making the rounds across the globe, but amidst the hysteria are the facts that show no actual correlation between 5G network technology and the coronavirus.

How GoDaddy Supports Small Businesses

By Yasmin Ranade
Small business owners during these critical times are tweaking their web presence if not launching their very first website.

COVID-19: Publisher’s Message

By Yasmin Ranade
The WhatsYourTech.ca team hopes that our readers, as well as your families, friends and neighbours, stay well, keep safe, and #stayhome, while Canada and the rest of the world confronts this merciless COVID-19 pandemic.