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Google Play Music streaming in Canada enters crowded market

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s become an unfortunate and frustrating tech reality in Canada — a product or service launches in the United States and takes considerable time to cross the border into the Great White North. Such is the case with Google Play Music All-Access, a music streaming service aiming to compete in a category that’s still in its infancy

Review: Linksys combines power and legacy in new WRT1900AC router

By Ted Kritsonis

Despite the fact Belkin now controls the Linksys brand, the WRT1900AC router is an ode to Linksys’ past with its black-and-blue colour scheme and monster truck-style design. Powerful, robust and consistent, it is easily one of the best routers currently available on the market.

Review: Tablo aims to take you out of your cable subscription

By Ted Kritsonis

Cutting the cord from your cable provider doesn’t necessarily mean there is one solution to cover everything you watch. Ottawa-based Nuvyyo thinks it may have something that can help the cause in a big way with the Tablo, a set top box that can take free over-the-air HD broadcasts and stream and record them to mobile devices.

Sticking around: Google Chromecast vs. Roku Streaming Stick

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

Streaming content to your TV has been getting increasingly easier as different types of solutions have come to market, and given the timing of the launch of both Google’s Chromecast and Roku’s Streaming Stick, it’s apt to compare them. While they seem to be an apples-to-apples comparison, they diverge in some key areas that should impact your buying decision.

Plex may actually transform your home entertainment setup

By Ted Kritsonis

Streaming media within the home has been a liberating feature for anyone who has adopted it and taken full advantage of the convenience the technology provides. One of the most effective programs to do that is Plex, media server software that collects your content and presents it in one of the most effective platforms currently available.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — is there a clear winner so far?

By Ted Kritsonis

It’s early days, but the fact that the two marquee game consoles launched this month before the holiday shopping season raises the question of whether the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can claim the crown as the best between them. The truth is, there is no easy way to determine who might even be in the lead, much less win outright.

Review: Sonos Play:1 pumps out great music in smaller package

By Ted Kritsonis

Sonos has become one of the best consumer brands for high-quality speakers, but its traditionally priced itself too high for much of the market. That may have changed now that the Play:1 has launched, making it possible to use a smaller speaker that fills a room with good sound at a more reasonable price point of $219.