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Apple’s iAd to take mobile advertising into uncharted territory

By Dilshan Kathriarachchi

Apple’s launch of the in-app iAd framework would no doubt be a game changer for the mobile advertising industry. In its inspired attempt at merging TV-style ad experiences with the interactivity of the web, Apple has set the bar very high for a mobile advertising industry that is still in its infancy.

BlackBerry acquires Viigo

The popular RSS reader application Viigo, which also happens to be the most downloaded third-party BlackBerry app, has been acquired by BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM).

The Jobsonian Future for Apple

From mobile phones to music distribution, Apple today is omnipresent in our lives. Steve Jobs, has been instrumental in redefining a company once famous just for one of the most innovative computing platforms in the world. As Apple begins to stretch its wings, what can we expect from this technology giant and its visionary CEO in the years to follow?

Rogers locks down Xperia X10

By Dilshan Kathriarachchi

Rogers to release the Android-powered Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 exclusively in Canada. Will the proprietary user interface on the device be a game changer?

WIND partners with Blockbuster

With Netflix, According to the announcement, 16 of Blockbuster’s 458 Canadian stores would house a 150 square-ft WIND Mobile kiosk. The numbers break down to roughly 13 locations in the GTA with 3 more in Calgary. Hats off to Toronto-based…

What’s this about Bada?

By Dilshan Kathriarachchi

Translating to mean “Ocean” in Korean, Samsung’s new Bada platform hopes to compete with the big fish. With the likes of the iPhone and Android, is there room for one more Smartphone platform?

WIND Mobile plans leaked?

By Dilshan Kathriarachchi

WIND Mobile internet tipster “Windsider” put up what appears to be leaked plans yet to be confirmed by Canada’s newest wireless carrier cleared for takeoff earlier today.

Bell joins Android Family

By Dilshan Kathriarachchi

Bell launches the Samsung Galaxy™, its first Android device and Canada’s fifth. All major wireless carriers in Canada now offer at least one Android handset.