Category: Business

Microsoft pushes Xbox 360 as future TV platform with new apps

By Ted Kritsonis

Microsoft is giving the Xbox 360 a bit of an overhaul with a new-look interface and a lineup of new entertainment applications that essentially turns the console into an entertainment platform with TV and music content, including live events.

It’s Time to End the Pervasiveness of Cyberbullying

By Hessie Jones

Bullying Awareness Week is an opportunity for people at the grassroots level in communities around the world to get involved in this issue, not by waiting for “Someone else” to do something, but rather for us to work together on preventing bullying in our communities through education and awareness.

Adobe abandoning Flash for mobile devices opens door to HTML5

By Ted Kritsonis

Adobe’s announcement yesterday that it would no longer support Flash in mobile devices after version 11.1 is a bold move that opens the door for HTML5 as the new standard for rich web content on smartphones and tablets.

Can’t manage all your tasks? Try the Pomodoro Technique!

By Tim Teatro

The Pomodoro Technique is a tool for time management. Not only does it help with time budgeting, but it also helps to develop a disciplined focus to more directly target those items floating around on your “to-do” list.