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Effective Leaders Are Adopting More Female Attributes

By Christine Persaud
The idea of a strong leader has always been equated to traits like confidence, control, and the avoidance of showing signs of weakness. But, according to a new study, that’s changing. And the most effective leaders, whether male or female, are adopting more traditionally female-centric qualities.

4 Ways Women are Digging Deeper into the Gaming Industry

By Christine Persaud
It’s long been believed that the typical serious gamer is male, aged 18-34. (The Entertainment Software Association says the average age of today’s gamer is 30. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) actually pegs that sweet spot age at 34.) So it comes as no surprise that game creators are tailoring to that audience.

Trailblazing in Tech: Joanne Moretti, a woman on a mission

By Yasmin Ranade
Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joanne Moretti, Dell’s VP & Global Head Software Marketing. Canadian-born Ms. Moretti who currently works in Texas, spoke candidly about her game-changing role at Dell as well as her career path in IT in Canada, providing insight to other women about how she strives for success in the tech sector.

Wired Woman Society Mentorship Program Receives MicroSkills Partnership Excellence Award

by Yasmin Ranade

I’m thrilled to announce that Community MicroSkills Development Centre is honouring Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) and its Wired Woman Mentorship Program with its MicroSkills Partnership Excellence Award. MicroSkills, a multi-cultural,non-profit, community-based organization committed to assisting the unemployed, wired_woman_logois recognizing Wired Woman members for their dedication to mentoring women in its Information Technology programs and sustainable results.