Category: Women & Tech

The Worlds of Fashion & Technology Collide

By Christine Persaud
Never before has technology been as much about form as it is about function. And as the pendulum continues to swing in that direction, fashion trends are playing an increasingly important role in influencing the designs, patterns, and form factors of the latest devices.

Trailblazing in Tech: Joanne Moretti, a woman on a mission

By Yasmin Ranade
Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joanne Moretti, Dell’s VP & Global Head Software Marketing. Canadian-born Ms. Moretti who currently works in Texas, spoke candidly about her game-changing role at Dell as well as her career path in IT in Canada, providing insight to other women about how she strives for success in the tech sector.

Everyday Technologies Mothers would have loved 30 years ago

By Michon Williams Change can be such a gradual and stealthy thing.  In my lifetime Polaroid and prints have slowly morphed into digital cameras and ever-present smartphone cameras.  Now, too, the joy of photo taking is further enhanced by instant…

Susan Kare: The Mother of Computer Icons

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Fascinated by all things Apple, I recently read Revolution In The Valley by Andy Herztfield, which retells the background story of how the Macintosh was born. It featured Susan Kare, whose icons defined the Mac and changed user interface…

Let’s bring more tech into the lives of girls!

By Tanya Bennet Within the last few years it seems that the lack of women in technology has slowly become a front runner in the “we need to fix it category”. There are, indeed, a multitude of articles about it,…