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Tech Gifts for Ladies to Get Your Dads

By Christine Persaud
very dad, no matter the age, loves some kind of tech, even if he has no idea how to use it.And luckily, there are plenty of tech gadgets that would make great gifts for daughter to give dad, but that won’t break the bank. Here are 5 great options.

Honourable Dr. Kellie Leitch Reveals Program to Increase Economic Opportunities for Women in Canada

By Christine Persaud
The topic of encouraging more women to work in the technology and related fields is a hot one these days, as we experience a shortage of talent to fill needed jobs, and females who may be reluctant to pursue such careers. A new initiative, spearheaded by the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, hopes to change that.

More Hot Tech for the Business Woman

By Christine Persaud
A smartphone can be the most important tool in a working woman’s arsenal. Which means you don’t want to forget it, or have it run out of juice. And you want to receive all of your important notifications in a timely fashion. Here are five hot tech items that are great complements to a smartphone to help ensure it’s used as effectively as possible.

Why Women Appreciate Home Automation

By Christine Persaud
With so much attention on the Internet of Things (IoT), and a plethora of apps to control everything from your TV to your refrigerator, home automation is falling more and more into the mainstream. And it’s catching the attention of women just as much as men.

Giving Mom the Gift of Tech  

By Christine Persaud
Moms come in all types – from the business executive to the stay-at-home kind. But whatever the type of mom, there’s a hot tech gift item that will perfectly suit her.
Here are 5 cool choices for the special mom on your list.

The Next Billion Conference on Women & The Economy Kicks Off May 7

By Christine Persaud
On May 7, global leaders from around the world will gather at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC for the inauguralThe Next Billion: Women & The Economy of the Future conference, to discuss practical ways that woman can contribute to successes in the international business economy. And among the speakers are a few women who play their hand in the tech world.