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Giving Mom the Gift of Tech  

By Christine Persaud
Moms come in all types – from the business executive to the stay-at-home kind. But whatever the type of mom, there’s a hot tech gift item that will perfectly suit her.
Here are 5 cool choices for the special mom on your list.

The Next Billion Conference on Women & The Economy Kicks Off May 7

By Christine Persaud
On May 7, global leaders from around the world will gather at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC for the inauguralThe Next Billion: Women & The Economy of the Future conference, to discuss practical ways that woman can contribute to successes in the international business economy. And among the speakers are a few women who play their hand in the tech world.

Almost a Tenth of the Highest-Paid Executive Positions in Canada are Held by Women

By Christine Persaud
While there’s still plenty of work to be done to achieve true gender equality in the workplace, the new Rosenzweig Report points to some interesting data suggesting that we’re well on our way. According to the global talent management firm’s Report, 8.5% of the highest-paid executive positions in Canada are currently held by women.

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap Set to Debut at Tribeca Film Festival

By Christine Persaud
A new documentary called CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place April 15-26 in New York City, and sheds light on the need for encouraging more female participation – and acceptance – in the computer sciences.

U of T Breaks Records for Female Faculty in Engineering

By Christine Persaud
he number of female faculty members at U of T has more than doubled over the past eight years, reaching 44 in 2014, up from just 21 in 2006. In total, 17% of faculty members are women – three points higher than the Ontario average, and four points higher than the average for all of Canada.