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Review: ZTE Axon worth a look for the price

By Ted Kritsonis

ZTE hasn’t ventured too far up the ladder toward the mid-range smartphone market, but the Axon firmly plants it there, making a case that its mix of good design and competent specs are good enough to win some consumers over. It’s the best device the company has released in Canada to date, and is worth considering for the price.

Review: Noiseless can help salvage grainy photos

By Ted Kritsonis

Noise, especially in low-light or nighttime photos, can take away from their beauty and composition, and thus requiring stringent editing to smooth everything out. Macphun’s Noiseless is desktop software that aims to do that in a way that even beginners can manage with ease. With a user-friendly interface and real-time results, it’s an impressive program that delivers more often than not.

Review: ZTE Grand X 2 is as ‘budget’ as it gets

By Ted Kritsonis

When a smartphone costs $150 outright, it can raise an eyebrow or two for any number of reasons. The ZTE Grand X 2 is an entry-level budget handset that offers some decent specs for the price, and aims to attract users who don’t need or care to have the best. Competition in the race to zero is getting tighter, putting the Grand X 2 in a battle for relevance to those looking for something affordable.