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Review: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 scans fast to your smartphone or tablet

By Ted Kritsonis

Scanning is really considered an old technology, but the speed in doing it is what can make a real difference in productivity. Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX500 is one of the fastest scanners available and finally makes it possible to scan directly to smartphones and tablets without the need for a computer.

BlackBerry Z10 video review: a new look for the brand, but is it enough?

Featuring Ted Kritsonis

The launch of the new BlackBerry Z10 has finally brought the new BlackBerry 10 to market after repeated delays. It’s an entirely new look and feel for the BlackBerry brand, and could be intuitive and impressive enough to keep some longtime BlackBerry users on board, and maybe even win some converts.

Rogers’ CEO to Retire at Top of Game

It’s during his tenure that Rogers became the country’s largest wireless carrier; now, Nadir Mohamed says he’s leaving the company.

by Lee Rickwood

Is health this year’s new tech trend?

Photos and text by Ted Kritsonis

The public’s increasing focus and awareness over health goes back at least the last five years, but the consumer tech industry was slow to adapt to changing attitudes. Until now, at least. The number of companies, gadgets and apps designed to help people in almost every facet of their physical and mental well-being is continually growing, and this year will likely cast a big spotlight on all of them as a whole.