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Android’s shadow looms over BlackBerry smartphones

By Ted Kritsonis

BlackBerry’s troubles have been covered extensively, and one of the consistent themes around the company’s current platform is the perceived lack of apps available. These complaints are usually centred around the lack of native support for popular apps users expect to have on their handsets — a hole that Android is coincidentally filling for BlackBerry.

Taking a closer look at Rogers Next and Telus T-Up programs

By Ted Kritsonis

Now that Rogers has unveiled its Next program to cater to customers who want to upgrade their smartphone every 12 months, this new act of corporate generosity comes with some fine print that you should know before you decide to sign up.

Why you should buy your smartphone outright

By Ted Kritsonis

Cell phone contracts have drawn the ire of many Canadians over the years, who cite them as unfair and restrictive, but they have become a convenient way for consumers to get their hands on the best handsets on the market. While it might seem cost prohibitive to buy a phone outright, it’s a far more economical option than signing up for two years.